Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Rob Golding Shoot

Hello again everyone,

Another day in the Eye Clinic; three days into my placement and suddenly everything I have learnt over the past 4 months finally makes some sense (thankfully). It’s a great reassurance to know that spending 5 days a week in University is actually relevant to life and it’s good to see how it can be applied to help society.

I observed some cool things in clinic today: Nystagmus; which is basically wobbly eyes. It really is an unusual thing to see. The eyes do not stay in any position to focus and they just move from side to side depending on what they are focusing on. There are lots of different causes, sensory, motor and neural loss functions. Operations can be used in order to stop their eyes wobbling so much but nothing to get rid of it completely. Who knows... maybe ill find the answer one day?!

Anyway that’s my learning curve out of the way for today. The more exciting thing to share is my photo shoot with Rob Golding. He is an awesome guy, really fun and always smiling. Although, he did say I looked like an ‘elf’ (not the best compliment to say the least, but he did try to redeem himself by flipping it into a compliment, but… it was too late).

After I released Rob from the headlock, we swiftly moved on to create some really beautiful images. I suppose the quality of his work spoke louder than his earlier (poor) attempt to redeem himself…to say the least.

From the shoot I also got the impression Rob was really pleased with the images as well. It was a successful day with regards to maintaining my reputation as a worthwhile, reliable, high quality model.

After the shoot Rob said: ‘Your expression is perfect, I think it’s the most gorgeous shot I have ever done, I can't stop looking at it…’

So there you have it…another great day in this wonderful industry and already looking forward to seeing the results..

Watch this space!

RebeccaAmy <3

Monday, January 25, 2010


Hello Everyone,

well I am currently residing in the nurses accomodation at Cheltenham Hospital, the train down here wasnt so bad, arrived late evening yesterday, early night...ahead of my first day on placement.

Today was a little boring, again, with it being my first placement I can expect to be doing much..although they did let me test patients! Which was a lot more than I expected on my first day..

I also diagnosed my boyfriend, Stephen, with having ptosis when he is tired :) Thats a droopy upper eyelid to you and I. The joys you can have tormenting loved ones via text messages!

Yeah so basically Im sharing a living space, toilet and kitchen in a room with no TV.

I was supposed to have shoots Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday whilst I was down here but two people cancelled...grrr...

Anyways guys I best be off to bed,

I'll keep you posted if I see anything cool whilst Im down here...maybe someone with three eyes...maybe..

RebeccaAmy <3

(okay, his isnt anywhere near as bad as the image posted above...but oh well :) Thats what I learnt today. Ptosis.

New Website

I have a new website up at:

I hope you guys find the website simplistic, easy to navigate and automatically focused on me, the model.

Thank you to Andrew for the design & organization :) He is really cheap and if you want a website making, you will be shocked by the price!

Honestly, mail him now:

RebeccaAmy <3