Sunday, June 27, 2010

Damian McGillicuddy - DPM Wallbank Substidised Mini Master class.

Hello All,

I had the pleasure of working with Damian Mcgillicuddy at the DPM Wallbank substidised mini master class on Thursday. The event was held at The British Legions club in Warrington.

Two sessions were held on the day each with around 10-12 delegates. The classes were really fun and it was nice to see everybody so eager to learn.

The master class was to help people understand and try out Beauty shots and outdoor fashion. The pictures I have seen so far from the delegates are showing that they did learn something so it’s a thumb’s up for everyone. I hope to be working with Damian again soon.

RebeccaAmy <3

Monday, June 7, 2010

6 Days, 11 Photographers

Hello Strangers,

I haven’t updated my blog recently however, I have just been on a trip down south for 6 days which was pretty much nonstop shooting so, brace yourself for this EPIC blog!

I travelled down to Bedford on bank holiday Monday to shoot with photographer, Steve Emberton on the Tuesday. Steve was very kind and allowed me to stay on the Monday night allowing us to start shooting early Tuesday morning. He was very welcoming and I enjoyed his company. I really enjoyed shooting with Steve; I modelled some of his new clothing range which has just hit shops. Steve got some really good portraiture shots; they are so natural and flattering. I hope to work with Steve again in the future.

After shooting with Steve on Tuesday I drove down to Bognor Regis which should have taken me about 2 hours… however, the dreaded M25 made that pretty impossible and it ended up being a 5 hour trip!When I finally arrived at my hotel I unpacked and settled. Bognor Regis is an absolutely gorgeous place and I was so lucky to be staying right on the sea front.

After a long nights sleep I woke up Wednesday morning raring to go to my location shoot with David Shears. The sun was out and the beach looked gorgeous. After my rather lonely breakfast I set out on the road and travelled to the location, it was a gorgeous day to be shooting near the lake. After getting some shots by the lake we headed towards little Hampton beach. By the time we got to the beach the sun was blazing, as a typical red head, I couldn’t stand the heat on my skin for too long, but no doubt Dave got some really beautiful images. The final set was done in a field of flowers. I was a bit worried at first all of those insects crawling around having already been attacked by them on the beach but, David managed to get some really stunning images so the job was a good’n! After the shoot Dave offered to take me for lunch in a local pub for which I couldn’t possibly decline. We had a quick bite to eat and a chat. Dave is a really nice guy and I hope to work with him again in the future.

Well once lunch was finished and I had been back to my hotel some of you may have thought it was time to relax but no, not me… it was a quick shower and back on the road to Switch Photography Studio were I had my next shoot lined up with studio owner; Aaron, styling; Ruby True. It was lovely to meet both Aaron and Ruby and I can’t wait to see the results. The shoot went well and he has invited me again which I’m pretty darn pleased about.

After a nights sleep back at the hotel, Thursday arrived and it was back down to Switch Photography Studio where I had the honour of meeting Mr Tony Nutley. Tony was a real pleasure to work with. From what I seen on the back of the camera we got some awesome images together. The shoot was really relaxed we stopped for tea breaks and had chats and even went for lunch. Throughout the day we shot mostly art nudes amongst other stuff I can’t wait to see the results. Unfortunately (for me, not Tony) he is off to Sweden for 3 months so I don’t know how long we’ll have to wait for the image.

The day absolutely shot by, before we both knew it was time for to pack away and for me to prepare for the photographer; Roland Swales. Roland arrived at the studio with lots of ideas along as some reference images in which he liked the style of. We worked from headshots to art nude in which I know some of the images turned out fab! Roland is a keen photographer and knows what he wants so he is very easy to work with. Hopefully we shall meet again in the near future as I am planning another trip down south soon.

After packing up about 21.30, it was time to hit the road again, this time up to Aylesbury to stay with family and be closer to my 3 shoots. Yes, you read correctly I did say more shoots. The drive was a bit on the scary side. Dark, bendy country roads with national speed limit…my worst nightmare!

After finally arriving and surviving those death traps the government clarify as roads i had a nice cup of tea and got myself in bed. I needed a goodnights sleep as i was up early to shoot with David Ballard in Milton Keynes.

Friday was here, I and David conducted our shoot at a transformed cottage studio in Milton Keynes. David was really friendly and easy to get along with. He told me the ideas he had in mind and also had booked an MUA to do the styling. We worked up to the art nude level in which I think we defiantly got some really good images and the makeup was awesome. I will look forward to working with David again in the future. I can’t wait to see the images

Friday afternoon I got to spend time with my Nephew, I basically just used him as an excuse so I could go on the trampoline and look as if I was only doing it to please him. After watching Britain’s got talent it was an early night for me, preparation for the first of my consecutive model days at MAD photography studio, Chesham.

First photographer I shot with was Alan West who I had previously met and the SWPP convention whiles modelling for one of Damian Mcgilicuddy’s mentoring sessions. Alan was a really nice person to work with; he brought along his wife to the studio. She was very helpful and helped with ideas, Alan had come prepared with certain ideas he wanted to try out. With hard work and effort from both of us we managed to get the images he envisioned.

The next photographers to arrive were Stuart Langsten and Ian; both of the guys were keen, skilled photographers. Stuarts hadn’t been in a studio for 4 years and was recently getting back into photography so it was personally pleasing that I could assist and I do hope that I only encouraged him more. Both Stuart and Ian were really easy to get along with. The shoot was relaxed and we got through a lot of images. I know that Stuart would like to book me again when i am down that was and it will be a pleasure to work with him again. I’ll look forward to seeing the results from both of you!

Last but not least to finish the day off I shot with Steve Jardine, Steve is a very enthusiastic photographer and had invested a lot of money to have the best photography equipment. He had a general idea of what he wanted to achieve so we put our skills together and started the shoot. Fingers crossed that Steve was pleased with the results although I’m pretty confident that he will be. I myself am looking forward to seeing them. Hopefully I will work with Steve again in the future and we will be able to think of some more ideas.

So, the day was over and I headed back to Aylesbury for my final sleep before heading home. The next day was Sunday and that included my final model day at MAD Photography studios and my 3 hour journey home. Sunday arrived and it was back to MAD Photography Studios where I was to shoot with Kenny Wong and studio owner; Pete Whitfield. Kenny had some idea of what he wanted but there was nothing definite so we just went with it, the overall feeling from the shoot was free and fun and I think we managed to create some great mages. He was really easy to get along with and gave direction well. Although Kenny said he was quiet because he was tired I didn’t really notice it and we worked well together. Hope to work with Kenny again soon and can’t wait to see the images.

My last shoot before I headed home was with Peter Whitfield. Peter. He Is a really nice guy, very sociable, fun and easy going. After having a chat and thinking about Ideas we decided to go for some fun glamour, ‘front’ style and some edgy fashion with a hint of glamour to it. The shoot was really enjoyable and the photos look pretty awesome! I will definitely be working with Peter again in the future.
Keep an eye open for the images because I predict a lot will be coming this way over coming weeks...

Hope enjoyed reading about my time, and for now...

RebeccaAmy <3