Thursday, November 25, 2010

RebeccaAmy | Catherine Day & Co.

After serious blog neglect...

I'm going to get this straight! goes;

I recently had the pleasure of shooting with CatherineDay and all's i can say is AMAZING :D

Catherine had some projects that she was working on in which i was to take part and i wanted to get my hands on some latex. So, Catherine pulled some strings and HMSLatex provided us with some outfits and we also shot some shoes for Natacha Marro!

Catherine does all her own make up and as her photography suggests she is very creative!

I really enjoyed working with catherine she is welcoming and easy going. I have heard nothing but positive feedback from Catherine and also the HMSLatex designers. I will definitely be visiting Catherine and her studio again!

Here are some images from the shoot...

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Damian McGillicuddy - DPM Wallbank Substidised Mini Master class.

Hello All,

I had the pleasure of working with Damian Mcgillicuddy at the DPM Wallbank substidised mini master class on Thursday. The event was held at The British Legions club in Warrington.

Two sessions were held on the day each with around 10-12 delegates. The classes were really fun and it was nice to see everybody so eager to learn.

The master class was to help people understand and try out Beauty shots and outdoor fashion. The pictures I have seen so far from the delegates are showing that they did learn something so it’s a thumb’s up for everyone. I hope to be working with Damian again soon.

RebeccaAmy <3

Monday, June 7, 2010

6 Days, 11 Photographers

Hello Strangers,

I haven’t updated my blog recently however, I have just been on a trip down south for 6 days which was pretty much nonstop shooting so, brace yourself for this EPIC blog!

I travelled down to Bedford on bank holiday Monday to shoot with photographer, Steve Emberton on the Tuesday. Steve was very kind and allowed me to stay on the Monday night allowing us to start shooting early Tuesday morning. He was very welcoming and I enjoyed his company. I really enjoyed shooting with Steve; I modelled some of his new clothing range which has just hit shops. Steve got some really good portraiture shots; they are so natural and flattering. I hope to work with Steve again in the future.

After shooting with Steve on Tuesday I drove down to Bognor Regis which should have taken me about 2 hours… however, the dreaded M25 made that pretty impossible and it ended up being a 5 hour trip!When I finally arrived at my hotel I unpacked and settled. Bognor Regis is an absolutely gorgeous place and I was so lucky to be staying right on the sea front.

After a long nights sleep I woke up Wednesday morning raring to go to my location shoot with David Shears. The sun was out and the beach looked gorgeous. After my rather lonely breakfast I set out on the road and travelled to the location, it was a gorgeous day to be shooting near the lake. After getting some shots by the lake we headed towards little Hampton beach. By the time we got to the beach the sun was blazing, as a typical red head, I couldn’t stand the heat on my skin for too long, but no doubt Dave got some really beautiful images. The final set was done in a field of flowers. I was a bit worried at first all of those insects crawling around having already been attacked by them on the beach but, David managed to get some really stunning images so the job was a good’n! After the shoot Dave offered to take me for lunch in a local pub for which I couldn’t possibly decline. We had a quick bite to eat and a chat. Dave is a really nice guy and I hope to work with him again in the future.

Well once lunch was finished and I had been back to my hotel some of you may have thought it was time to relax but no, not me… it was a quick shower and back on the road to Switch Photography Studio were I had my next shoot lined up with studio owner; Aaron, styling; Ruby True. It was lovely to meet both Aaron and Ruby and I can’t wait to see the results. The shoot went well and he has invited me again which I’m pretty darn pleased about.

After a nights sleep back at the hotel, Thursday arrived and it was back down to Switch Photography Studio where I had the honour of meeting Mr Tony Nutley. Tony was a real pleasure to work with. From what I seen on the back of the camera we got some awesome images together. The shoot was really relaxed we stopped for tea breaks and had chats and even went for lunch. Throughout the day we shot mostly art nudes amongst other stuff I can’t wait to see the results. Unfortunately (for me, not Tony) he is off to Sweden for 3 months so I don’t know how long we’ll have to wait for the image.

The day absolutely shot by, before we both knew it was time for to pack away and for me to prepare for the photographer; Roland Swales. Roland arrived at the studio with lots of ideas along as some reference images in which he liked the style of. We worked from headshots to art nude in which I know some of the images turned out fab! Roland is a keen photographer and knows what he wants so he is very easy to work with. Hopefully we shall meet again in the near future as I am planning another trip down south soon.

After packing up about 21.30, it was time to hit the road again, this time up to Aylesbury to stay with family and be closer to my 3 shoots. Yes, you read correctly I did say more shoots. The drive was a bit on the scary side. Dark, bendy country roads with national speed limit…my worst nightmare!

After finally arriving and surviving those death traps the government clarify as roads i had a nice cup of tea and got myself in bed. I needed a goodnights sleep as i was up early to shoot with David Ballard in Milton Keynes.

Friday was here, I and David conducted our shoot at a transformed cottage studio in Milton Keynes. David was really friendly and easy to get along with. He told me the ideas he had in mind and also had booked an MUA to do the styling. We worked up to the art nude level in which I think we defiantly got some really good images and the makeup was awesome. I will look forward to working with David again in the future. I can’t wait to see the images

Friday afternoon I got to spend time with my Nephew, I basically just used him as an excuse so I could go on the trampoline and look as if I was only doing it to please him. After watching Britain’s got talent it was an early night for me, preparation for the first of my consecutive model days at MAD photography studio, Chesham.

First photographer I shot with was Alan West who I had previously met and the SWPP convention whiles modelling for one of Damian Mcgilicuddy’s mentoring sessions. Alan was a really nice person to work with; he brought along his wife to the studio. She was very helpful and helped with ideas, Alan had come prepared with certain ideas he wanted to try out. With hard work and effort from both of us we managed to get the images he envisioned.

The next photographers to arrive were Stuart Langsten and Ian; both of the guys were keen, skilled photographers. Stuarts hadn’t been in a studio for 4 years and was recently getting back into photography so it was personally pleasing that I could assist and I do hope that I only encouraged him more. Both Stuart and Ian were really easy to get along with. The shoot was relaxed and we got through a lot of images. I know that Stuart would like to book me again when i am down that was and it will be a pleasure to work with him again. I’ll look forward to seeing the results from both of you!

Last but not least to finish the day off I shot with Steve Jardine, Steve is a very enthusiastic photographer and had invested a lot of money to have the best photography equipment. He had a general idea of what he wanted to achieve so we put our skills together and started the shoot. Fingers crossed that Steve was pleased with the results although I’m pretty confident that he will be. I myself am looking forward to seeing them. Hopefully I will work with Steve again in the future and we will be able to think of some more ideas.

So, the day was over and I headed back to Aylesbury for my final sleep before heading home. The next day was Sunday and that included my final model day at MAD Photography studios and my 3 hour journey home. Sunday arrived and it was back to MAD Photography Studios where I was to shoot with Kenny Wong and studio owner; Pete Whitfield. Kenny had some idea of what he wanted but there was nothing definite so we just went with it, the overall feeling from the shoot was free and fun and I think we managed to create some great mages. He was really easy to get along with and gave direction well. Although Kenny said he was quiet because he was tired I didn’t really notice it and we worked well together. Hope to work with Kenny again soon and can’t wait to see the images.

My last shoot before I headed home was with Peter Whitfield. Peter. He Is a really nice guy, very sociable, fun and easy going. After having a chat and thinking about Ideas we decided to go for some fun glamour, ‘front’ style and some edgy fashion with a hint of glamour to it. The shoot was really enjoyable and the photos look pretty awesome! I will definitely be working with Peter again in the future.
Keep an eye open for the images because I predict a lot will be coming this way over coming weeks...

Hope enjoyed reading about my time, and for now...

RebeccaAmy <3

Monday, May 17, 2010

Digital SLR


Just thought I would update you on my latest news

As you may well know, I had a shoot with Mr.Mcgillicuddy on the 27/03/2010 and the images we created were are now featured in June’s issue of Digital SLR.

Well guys, the magazine is now down to WHSmiths and feast your eyes on the fabulous images as well as being able to find out the technique used by Damian to create these beautiful images.

RebeccaAmy <3

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Damian McGillicuddy - Digital SLR

Hello everyone,

As i promised earlier this month here is one of the images from the shoot with Damian Mcgillicuddy which will be featured in Mays issue of Digital SLR. Hope you like it as much as I do


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Damian McGillicuddy - 'Polish Your Portfolio'

Hello everyone,

After catching up on sleep from the busy couple of weeks I have had, I thought I would let you in on how my wedding shoot went with Damian Mcgliicuddy.

The shoot was set in a gorgeous room at the Lowry hotel in Manchester. The exquisite decor and modern art contributed to the elegance of the shoot.

The ‘Polish your portfolio’ class was carried out in two sessions. The sessions were 3 hours long and each had 5 delegates who were eager to learn.

The shoot itself ranged from bathrobe to bridal gown. We carried out a number of poses in each outfit of which the delegates then got to shoot and direct me if they wished. It was a very enjoyable day and everybody seemed to learn new things and came away happy.

It was my first time in a wedding dress and boy are they heavy, I felt as if I was carrying a small child on my back. But, never the less it’s clear that the results are awesome so it is enjoy

RebeccaAmy <3

Alison Bailey - The Results

Hello Again everyone,

I told you on my last post how well my shoot with Alison Bailey went and as promised, the pictures are here. I hope you like them ...Brace yourself...

RebeccaAmy <3

Friday, April 16, 2010

Alison Bailey - Second Shoot

Hello Again,

Final blog for the week until Sunday you’ll be pleased to know :)

I had a shoot with Alison Bailey on the 14/04/2010 down in Stockport. I first met Alison when up in Bathgate modelling for a Yerbury’s boudoir workshop, thankfully I must of impressed Alison and she decided that she would like to work with me again.

The initial idea of the shoot was to create some of Alison’s own boudoir images. The shoot went really well and had a lot of variety in it.

We initially started the shoot in Alison’s home where she had set up a studio in one of her spare bedrooms. The pictures looked great and the set up was divine. We also had a play with some Venetian masks. Absolutely Fabulous is all’s I can say.

After lunch we headed down to a studio near Alison’s home which was, massive! I could not believe the size of it. Here we were creating an idea that Alison had had by using a projector to create patterns on my skin. We went for a tiger affect and i must say with Sarah’s (mua) help to create a main the results looked fabulous.

We continued to use the studio to carry out some art nudes and last but not least we used a spotlight to create some Hollywood style glamour images.

I really enjoyed the shoot and Alison seemed pleased. I hope to work with her again soon. I can’t wait to see the results! and as always, when I will also.

RebeccaAmy <3

Damian McGillicuddy - Mentor Me...On Steroids

Hello again all,

I’ve been very busy this week so I’m catching up with my blog. I had a shoot on the 13/04/2010 down in Warrington with Damian Mcgillicuddy for his mentor me on steroids classes.

The tutorial was taking place shooting outdoors with natural light, as luck would have it... even though when i was travelling there the sun was blazing once we started shooting it was hidden and became rather chilly.

This didn’t stop the enthusiasm of the group though, I had a lovely time and some of the pictures looked awesome!

Thank you Guys ;)

RebeccaAmy <3

Yerbury Boudior - Alison Bailey

And images from the final delegate; Alison Bailey

RebeccaAmy <3

Yerbury Boudior - Julie Bonthrone

...and Julie's Images

RebeccaAmy <3

Yerbury Boudior - Ian Bonthrone

Hello Everyone,

You might remember that a couple of weeks a go I took a little trip up to Bathgate in Scotland to do a Yerbury Boudior shoot.


I have recieved images from 3 of the 4 delegates; Ian Bonthrone, Julie Bonthrone and Alison Bailey.

Firstly: Here are the results from Ian..

RebeccaAmy <3

RebeccaAmy vs Elfin - Peter Ferguson

Hello everyone,

Just thought id update you on my latest shoots, I had a shoot on Monday 12/04/2010 with Peter Ferguson known as (doodyone) on Net-model and also Laurie who is known as (Elfin) on net-model.

The shoot was held at Malmaison hotel in Manchester. Although the traffic is a bloody nightmare!, once I got there it was well worth it, the location was absolutely stunning.

For the shoot we were trying to create tasteful seduction scenes between myself and Laurie. The shoot went really well and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

From what I seen of the back of the camera some of the pictures worked really well and I can’t wait to see them! I’ll be sure to update you once i have received them

For now,

RebeccaAmy <3

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Damian McGillicuddy Shoot.

Hello Everyone,

Just recieved one of the images from my latest shoot with Damian.

Hope you like it as much as we do.

Hopefully receive more over coming days so keep a look out.


RebeccaAmy <3

Monday, April 5, 2010

McGillicuddy - Digital SLR Magazine Shoot.

Hello My Lovely Blog Followers,

Since I last blogged Mr. Mcgillicuddy I have worked with him on two occasions! Lucky me hey? :)

Both shoots were for an article in the photography magazine; 'Digital SLR' in which Damian will be writing about lighting and all other photographer technicalities..I just nod and pretend I know about all that stuff :)

There will be a six page spread in the June edition. This means it will be in the shops by May. I suggest you preorder your copies to prevent any sell out dissapointment on the day :P

Part one of the magazine shoot took place on the 27/03/2010 at Damian’s studio. Well, in the surrounding areas... The images look amazing but I guess you'l find that out for yourselves in May/June :)

Part two took place on the 04/04/2010. Yes, that’s right... Easter Sunday! I cant help my dedication, its just who I am :) lol. The shoot took place in Manchester at the docks. It was absolutely freezing but looking at the back of the camera it was well worth it!

Damian also treated me to lunch :) KFC! mmm KFCCC! and...we seen David Haye's car in the carpark :)

Once we had finished eating we headed back to Damian’s studio. One of the briefs for the magazine article was to involve natural light within the picture. Although we had a bit of sun down at the docks it wasn’t much so we decided to give it another shot in sunny Warrington.

As soon as I see the images they'll be getting keep on coming back :)

RebeccaAmy <3

New Online Magazine - Des Fildes & Boo Jenkinson

Hello everybody,

Just updating you all on my recent activity because I have been busy, busy! I had a shoot on Monday 29/03/2010 with Des Fildes, in Manchester.

The aim of the shoot was to create a logo for a new online magazine that will be launched soon. Not a lot of information has been released about the magazine, but from what I have managed to reveal...its similar in style to 'Front.'

The shoot was so fun and enjoyable. Stylist and makeup artist; Boo Jenkinson, had been shopping prior to the shoot to allow various styles and sets to be shot. The primary style of the shoot was to put a modern twist on 1950’s pinup girl style.

From what I seen the pictures looked awesome. I can’t wait to see them properly and ill be sure to update you when the website is launched.

I'll attach the only picture I have seen from the shoot below for your viewing pleasure.

RebeccaAmy <3

Friday, March 26, 2010

Damian McGillicuddy 2009

Hello again everyone,

I have recently been accused of neglecting my blog, although around here we dont like to call it a blog, we use the more upbeat term...journal :)

Anyways, I recently recieved another image from a shoot I had with Damian back in 2009 (December) and I thought I would put it on here for all to see :)

Also, Damian blogged this particular shoot on his journal, which allows the reader to understand how the lighting was achieved.

You can find this on the link below:

Also, I can bring your attention to the studio hire section :) Whereby you can book the studio, assistance and myself as the model if you so desire.

Anyways, here are the two images from the shoot :)

Hope you like them..

RebeccaAmy <3

p.s. keep your eyes open for the Yerburys Boudior images from some fantastic upcoming photographers.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Yerbury Boudior


I have had a busy weekend this week. Not only did I have my art nude shoot with Charlie at Preston but also a boudoir workshop with Trevor & Faye Yerbury. I really enjoyed working with Trevor and Faye, such nice kind people and amazing photographers!

Although the journey up there was a bit of a pain due to public transport, what a surprise! Everything was better after a good night’s sleep and my bacon butty in the morning. The boudoir workshop went well and everybody seemed pleased and hopefully all got some good images.

After the workshop had finished I had a bit of a rest whiles Faye put her hidden talent of Arts and crafts to work. Then we went on to shoot in the newly made hats :) The pictures looked good on the back of the camera so I’m sure they’ll look super when there processed :)

After a long day we sat in front of the T.V and tucked into a Chinese. I can’t wait to see the results and I hope to work with Trevor and Faye again soon.


Double Artistic Nude - RebeccaAmy & Charlie Edwards

Hello everyone.

Just thought id fill you in on the double Art Nude shoot i had with Miss Charlie Edwards on the 20/03/2010.

The model day was hosted at Adrian cook’s studio known as Arc34 on Saturday. The day was very enjoyable. It was pretty much my first time modelling with another person so it was a little weird at first as we were both nude. As the day grew on I began to feel perfectly comfortable though.

We worked with three photographers over a period of 6 hours. From what I seen on the day the pictures looked great so I can’t wait to show you them.

All the photographers were really friendly and of ideas which made allowed myself and Charlie to concentrate on modelling and hopefully we delivered.

Well that’s it for now as soon as I get the images you will see them :)

RebeccaAmy <3

The Fabulous Jay Mawson

Hello =]

Sorry for neglecting my blog recently. I had a shoot with jay Mawson on 06/03/2010. The shoot went really well and we were going for something which I had not really covered in my portfolio. I give off a sweet and innocent look naturally so we were looking for something raw, raunchy and oozing with sex appeal and, I think that’s just what we managed to get!

MUA: Ashley Tyrrell

Jay is a really nice guy, very friendly and welcoming. His studio is very large which give us space to move about and get exactly what we wanted.

The pictures look absolutely amazing so enough with words. The pictures speak for themselves...

Sunday, March 7, 2010

A shoot with Peter Davies

Hello Everyone,

Just keeping you up to date with my shoots.

I had a shoot with Peter (PeterD_photography) on the 03/03/2010. This was my 50th shoot to date, how exciting! :D

The shoot was mainly Art nude and wacky make-up for some headshots. Peter is a really nice guy very chatty and friendly. Really puts you at ease. He knew what he wanted before we started and had even sketched out some ideas for when i got there so the shoot ran very smoothly.

The images from the shoot are fabulous! Peter is forever developing further skills into photography and is already rated quite highly. Look out for more collaborations between us.


Monday, February 22, 2010

A meeting with Bruce Smith


I just wanted to inform you about my meeting today with Bruce Smith. After having a chat and looking at images I think we both got some idea of the styles we each like. We thought of some ideas and now, we just need to set a date for a shoot. So check back soon and look out for our collaboration.

RebeccaAmy <3

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Gianni Bianchini, 21/02/10, MelloMello Cafe (Liverpool)

Hello again,

I had an art nude shoot today with Gianni Bianchini for a book publication that he is working on. The artistic nude book will only feature myself so we will be working together again in the near future too. The shoot went well. Although it was a tad on the cold side I managed to survive and hopefully we got some good images.

The MUA was Jayne Whittaker. She is newly qualified but she is very good. I absolutely loved the look she gave me it just suited me to a T.

RebeccaAmy <3

Tony Orwin, 19/02/10, Chester

Hello Everyone,

I just want to update you on my latest Art nude shoot with Tony Orwin. The shoot was carried out at a hotel in Chester and the room was fabulous. Tony is a really great guy; I think Tony was probably the first photographer I have worked with who doesn’t use flash, but from what I have seen so far, the images look super. I really enjoyed shooting with Tony and he invited me to shoot with him again if I’m ever down in the Gloucestershire area. Look out for the new images. I’ll be sure to update them as soon as they arrive.

Thanks Tony,

RebeccaAmy <3

Monday, February 15, 2010

Damian McGillicuddy MKII

Here are more images from my shoot with Damian.

Also shooting with him today :)


Friday, February 12, 2010

Damian McGillicuddy Shoot

Hello Everyone,

Just to give you all the details of my latest shoot with Mr. Mcgillicuddy... Yes it was amazing!

Damian was testing out some new lighting, and I needed to get infront of a camera. Loving the results.

I really enjoy shooting with Damian. Although his reputation brings a lot of pressure to the table, a mutual desire to acheive the best images makes me feel at ease.

We all worked very hard, that’s Me, Damian and Steve Cheetham (by the way). I’m sure that it shows in the images so,

Enjoy...I did!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Karl Baxter Shoot

Hello Everyone,

I would have loved to update you on my shoot with Karl Baxter, unfortunately, it had to be re-scheduled due to a Make-up artist dropping out last minute..

I was so looking forward to this shoot, it had been planned for months and the idea was to add something beautiful, organic and oozing with sex appeal to my portfolio. All that shot in Karl’s wonderful style would have been a delight…

Well there isn’t much else to report really. My next shoot is Sunday the 7th. A group shoot at Colin Grist’s studio, Path Way Studios in Chester… so look get your bums down there!

RebeccaAmy <3

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Rob Golding Shoot

Hello again everyone,

Another day in the Eye Clinic; three days into my placement and suddenly everything I have learnt over the past 4 months finally makes some sense (thankfully). It’s a great reassurance to know that spending 5 days a week in University is actually relevant to life and it’s good to see how it can be applied to help society.

I observed some cool things in clinic today: Nystagmus; which is basically wobbly eyes. It really is an unusual thing to see. The eyes do not stay in any position to focus and they just move from side to side depending on what they are focusing on. There are lots of different causes, sensory, motor and neural loss functions. Operations can be used in order to stop their eyes wobbling so much but nothing to get rid of it completely. Who knows... maybe ill find the answer one day?!

Anyway that’s my learning curve out of the way for today. The more exciting thing to share is my photo shoot with Rob Golding. He is an awesome guy, really fun and always smiling. Although, he did say I looked like an ‘elf’ (not the best compliment to say the least, but he did try to redeem himself by flipping it into a compliment, but… it was too late).

After I released Rob from the headlock, we swiftly moved on to create some really beautiful images. I suppose the quality of his work spoke louder than his earlier (poor) attempt to redeem himself…to say the least.

From the shoot I also got the impression Rob was really pleased with the images as well. It was a successful day with regards to maintaining my reputation as a worthwhile, reliable, high quality model.

After the shoot Rob said: ‘Your expression is perfect, I think it’s the most gorgeous shot I have ever done, I can't stop looking at it…’

So there you have it…another great day in this wonderful industry and already looking forward to seeing the results..

Watch this space!

RebeccaAmy <3

Monday, January 25, 2010


Hello Everyone,

well I am currently residing in the nurses accomodation at Cheltenham Hospital, the train down here wasnt so bad, arrived late evening yesterday, early night...ahead of my first day on placement.

Today was a little boring, again, with it being my first placement I can expect to be doing much..although they did let me test patients! Which was a lot more than I expected on my first day..

I also diagnosed my boyfriend, Stephen, with having ptosis when he is tired :) Thats a droopy upper eyelid to you and I. The joys you can have tormenting loved ones via text messages!

Yeah so basically Im sharing a living space, toilet and kitchen in a room with no TV.

I was supposed to have shoots Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday whilst I was down here but two people cancelled...grrr...

Anyways guys I best be off to bed,

I'll keep you posted if I see anything cool whilst Im down here...maybe someone with three eyes...maybe..

RebeccaAmy <3

(okay, his isnt anywhere near as bad as the image posted above...but oh well :) Thats what I learnt today. Ptosis.

New Website

I have a new website up at:

I hope you guys find the website simplistic, easy to navigate and automatically focused on me, the model.

Thank you to Andrew for the design & organization :) He is really cheap and if you want a website making, you will be shocked by the price!

Honestly, mail him now:

RebeccaAmy <3