Monday, January 25, 2010


Hello Everyone,

well I am currently residing in the nurses accomodation at Cheltenham Hospital, the train down here wasnt so bad, arrived late evening yesterday, early night...ahead of my first day on placement.

Today was a little boring, again, with it being my first placement I can expect to be doing much..although they did let me test patients! Which was a lot more than I expected on my first day..

I also diagnosed my boyfriend, Stephen, with having ptosis when he is tired :) Thats a droopy upper eyelid to you and I. The joys you can have tormenting loved ones via text messages!

Yeah so basically Im sharing a living space, toilet and kitchen in a room with no TV.

I was supposed to have shoots Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday whilst I was down here but two people cancelled...grrr...

Anyways guys I best be off to bed,

I'll keep you posted if I see anything cool whilst Im down here...maybe someone with three eyes...maybe..

RebeccaAmy <3

(okay, his isnt anywhere near as bad as the image posted above...but oh well :) Thats what I learnt today. Ptosis.

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