Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Yerbury Boudior


I have had a busy weekend this week. Not only did I have my art nude shoot with Charlie at Preston but also a boudoir workshop with Trevor & Faye Yerbury. I really enjoyed working with Trevor and Faye, such nice kind people and amazing photographers!

Although the journey up there was a bit of a pain due to public transport, what a surprise! Everything was better after a good night’s sleep and my bacon butty in the morning. The boudoir workshop went well and everybody seemed pleased and hopefully all got some good images.

After the workshop had finished I had a bit of a rest whiles Faye put her hidden talent of Arts and crafts to work. Then we went on to shoot in the newly made hats :) The pictures looked good on the back of the camera so I’m sure they’ll look super when there processed :)

After a long day we sat in front of the T.V and tucked into a Chinese. I can’t wait to see the results and I hope to work with Trevor and Faye again soon.


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