Friday, April 16, 2010

Alison Bailey - Second Shoot

Hello Again,

Final blog for the week until Sunday you’ll be pleased to know :)

I had a shoot with Alison Bailey on the 14/04/2010 down in Stockport. I first met Alison when up in Bathgate modelling for a Yerbury’s boudoir workshop, thankfully I must of impressed Alison and she decided that she would like to work with me again.

The initial idea of the shoot was to create some of Alison’s own boudoir images. The shoot went really well and had a lot of variety in it.

We initially started the shoot in Alison’s home where she had set up a studio in one of her spare bedrooms. The pictures looked great and the set up was divine. We also had a play with some Venetian masks. Absolutely Fabulous is all’s I can say.

After lunch we headed down to a studio near Alison’s home which was, massive! I could not believe the size of it. Here we were creating an idea that Alison had had by using a projector to create patterns on my skin. We went for a tiger affect and i must say with Sarah’s (mua) help to create a main the results looked fabulous.

We continued to use the studio to carry out some art nudes and last but not least we used a spotlight to create some Hollywood style glamour images.

I really enjoyed the shoot and Alison seemed pleased. I hope to work with her again soon. I can’t wait to see the results! and as always, when I will also.

RebeccaAmy <3

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