Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Damian McGillicuddy - 'Polish Your Portfolio'

Hello everyone,

After catching up on sleep from the busy couple of weeks I have had, I thought I would let you in on how my wedding shoot went with Damian Mcgliicuddy.

The shoot was set in a gorgeous room at the Lowry hotel in Manchester. The exquisite decor and modern art contributed to the elegance of the shoot.

The ‘Polish your portfolio’ class was carried out in two sessions. The sessions were 3 hours long and each had 5 delegates who were eager to learn.

The shoot itself ranged from bathrobe to bridal gown. We carried out a number of poses in each outfit of which the delegates then got to shoot and direct me if they wished. It was a very enjoyable day and everybody seemed to learn new things and came away happy.

It was my first time in a wedding dress and boy are they heavy, I felt as if I was carrying a small child on my back. But, never the less it’s clear that the results are awesome so it is enjoy

RebeccaAmy <3

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