Monday, April 5, 2010

McGillicuddy - Digital SLR Magazine Shoot.

Hello My Lovely Blog Followers,

Since I last blogged Mr. Mcgillicuddy I have worked with him on two occasions! Lucky me hey? :)

Both shoots were for an article in the photography magazine; 'Digital SLR' in which Damian will be writing about lighting and all other photographer technicalities..I just nod and pretend I know about all that stuff :)

There will be a six page spread in the June edition. This means it will be in the shops by May. I suggest you preorder your copies to prevent any sell out dissapointment on the day :P

Part one of the magazine shoot took place on the 27/03/2010 at Damian’s studio. Well, in the surrounding areas... The images look amazing but I guess you'l find that out for yourselves in May/June :)

Part two took place on the 04/04/2010. Yes, that’s right... Easter Sunday! I cant help my dedication, its just who I am :) lol. The shoot took place in Manchester at the docks. It was absolutely freezing but looking at the back of the camera it was well worth it!

Damian also treated me to lunch :) KFC! mmm KFCCC! and...we seen David Haye's car in the carpark :)

Once we had finished eating we headed back to Damian’s studio. One of the briefs for the magazine article was to involve natural light within the picture. Although we had a bit of sun down at the docks it wasn’t much so we decided to give it another shot in sunny Warrington.

As soon as I see the images they'll be getting keep on coming back :)

RebeccaAmy <3

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